Design requirements for theater chairs

The design of auditorium chairs, theater chairs, row chairs, theater chairs, and theater chairs require that the satisfaction of the theater chairs mainly depends on the viewing angle and the elevation angle b. The viewing angle a is the angle between the audience's eyes to the upper and lower edge of the screen. The larger a is, the better; the elevation angle b is the angle between the audience's eyes The angle between the upper edge of the screen and the horizontal line, if b is too large, the person's head will be raised too much, causing discomfort. Generally, b should not exceed 30°. 
11 2021/03

YAQI ten years, thank you!

Ten years of passion, we have walked together; ten years of entrepreneurial poetry, we have written together; ten years of joy, sorrow and joy, we have shared; ten years of hand in hand, we have crossed the road; danger. The company has been established for ten years. First of all, I would like to thank all the employees and partners for their contributions in different periods of the ten years. It is with the joint efforts of all of us that we have just emerged in the fierce market competition and ushered in the tenth anniversary of passion and vitality.
01 2019/06

Introduce the structural details of auditorium chairs in detail

There are places that everyone needs to know about the structure and stance of auditorium chairs. Some of the details are six points in total. These problems and situations can be reasonably arranged. The following are the details. The chair frame is made of high-quality birch plywood, which is cold-pressed by a mold, and the surface is sprayed with environmentally friendly polyester matt paint. Foot: The ventilation hole steel plate is stamped and formed by the national standard cold-rolled plate with a thickness of 2.3mm.
04 2022/03

How to install waiting chairs

When we are waiting at the station, we will see rows of waiting chairs, which provide us with a place to sit. From the appearance point of view, we also know that this waiting chair device should be relatively simple. But how simple? Interested friends can come and see the installation method and maintenance method of the waiting chair.
26 2022/02

Why is the pass rate of desks and chairs relatively low?

With the rapid development of science and technology, the raw materials of high-rise building doors and windows in foreign developed countries have gone through three stages of "wood iron aluminum alloy". More than a decade ago, they all began to enter the era of replacing aluminum alloys with hard plastics. In recent years, technicians have designed many plastic-steel parts on cars, trains, ships, and planes to replace wood, iron, aluminum and other parts, and their functions are far superior to the former.
20 2022/02

Summarize the performance characteristics of public seats

Public seating is a tool for crowd public activities, it is the material basis for affirming the function of public space, and it is also an important element to express the way of public space. The design and discussion of public seats such as airport chairs, auditorium chairs, theater chairs, and desk chairs in modern society have attracted more and more people's attention and attention, especially it is more and more urgent to realize the role and impact of public seats on the interior . Environment and a new design concept for public seating based on a holistic environment system.
20 2022/01
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