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On the New Way of Advertising Implantation: Skillfully Borrowing Public Seats


On the New Way of Advertising Implantation: Skillfully Borrowing Public Seats

Company news
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2017/07/31 13:34

With the rapid development of economy and the increasing expansion of population, public rest space which can rest and relax in airports, stations, hospitals, city business circles, pedestrian streets and other places where the public gather has become an urgent need. Among them, public seats are the most common.

With the ingenious implantation of advertisements, public seats for the convenience and benefit of the people have gradually become an acceptable information dissemination platform, and their attention and media usage habits are also increasing year by year.

In recent years, the trend of advertising investment in public rest space is optimistic, which can be analyzed from the following three aspects.

On the one hand, people are more likely to be curious about the information around them at rest. Curiosity keeps the brain in a state of learning and memory, which is always easy to understand and accept.

On the other hand, the rest chair is considered as a kind of intimate and relaxing service. The advertisements on it can effectively dilute the direct utilitarianism of advertisements, alleviate the consumer's rebellious mentality towards hard advertisements, and enable consumers to accept certain commercial or cultural information in a relaxed and happy way.

Public rest space, especially in shopping malls, cinemas, stations, hospitals and other scenarios, the audience positioning is relatively accurate, so the advertisement can determine the target customer group and the content of the placement according to the location of the seats.

Compared with the common 15-30 seconds of television advertising time, public seat advertising has a long advertising cycle, and the same advertising information can maximize the coverage of millions of consumers, and maintain long-term, continuous contact with them, with lasting and far-reaching impact.

Therefore, the arrival rate of public seats advertisements will be greatly improved to fully meet the advertisers'propaganda requirements.

Public seats meet people's needs. Secondly, its advertising has become an important link to stimulate consumption. It is not only a new profit opportunity for media advertising, but also an important innovation channel for enterprise brand building and product publicity.