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30,000 square meters

Registered capital

More 300 people

Total number

88 million yuan

Area covered

Foshan Yaqi Furniture Co., Ltd. covers an area of about 30,000 square meters with a registered capital of 88 million yuan. We specialize in the production of airport chairs, waiting chairs, auditorium chairs, theatre chairs, desks and chairs, leisure chairs and other products. We provide high-quality and comprehensive seats development and design and production enterprises for auditorium, theatre, airport, school and other public spaces. Our enterprises are located in China's heavy furniture manufacturing industry. Town, Foshan City, China's largest furniture distribution center. After years of continuous progress and improvement, with advanced...

On the New Way of Advertising Implantation: Skillfully Borrowing Public Seats
With the rapid development of economy and the increasing expansion of population, public rest space which can rest and relax in airports, stations, hospitals, city business circles, pedestrian streets and other places where the public gather has become an urgent need. Among them, public seats are the most common.
Cinema Chair: In order to please the audience, besides high facial value, hard performance is also required.
1. Surface materials should be thicker, durable, rubbing without ball, no jumper. The sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported ones. The chair fabrics produced by professional manufacturers in Europe and America have excellent quality, little color difference, high color fastness and no weft inclination. Especially some high-grade fabrics have special surface treatment to improve the anti-fouling ability. Imported high-grade fabrics also have anti-static, flame retardant functions.
Several well-known seating enterprises jointly advocate the development of safe riding seats
Recently, a special seminar on children's safe riding public welfare was held in Tianjin, sponsored by the Office for the Promotion of Child Safety Car Work of the China Automobile Technology Research Center (CAAC). At the meeting, nearly 10 well-known children's seat companies jointly called for November 8 to be designated as "Children's Safety Day by Car".