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Several well-known seating enterprises jointly advocate the development of safe riding seats


Several well-known seating enterprises jointly advocate the development of safe riding seats

Industry news
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2017/07/31 11:50

Recently, a special seminar on children's safe riding public welfare was held in Tianjin, sponsored by the Office for the Promotion of Child Safety Car Work of the China Automobile Technology Research Center (CAAC). At the meeting, nearly 10 well-known children's seat companies jointly called for November 8 to be designated as "Children's Safety Day by Car".

The Office of Safe Car Riding for Children is composed of several safety seat enterprises. Since its establishment, the office has been committed to publicizing and advocating children's car safety, and striving for the development of China's children's car safety public welfare undertakings.

At the seminar, the experts discussed the importance of improving the safety of children's driving from various perspectives, such as propaganda of children's safe driving concept, product supervision, market circulation and so on. Calls for the future to organize appropriate regulatory bodies to supervise and control the quality of children's safety seats and other products; increase publicity to raise public and relevant departments'attention to children's car safety; accelerate the legislative process and promote the compulsory use of children's safety seats in China. At the same time, it is hoped that the relevant departments will improve the standards and regulations of children's car safety protection equipment, increase the whole process of testing the production, sale and after-sales service of children's car safety equipment, so as to ensure a complete and controllable system of products from raw materials, design, production and sales, and ensure the healthy development of the industry.

It is understood that in the future, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities will implement compulsory provisions for the use of child seat pilot work.